Idea Verum


Our new web is live! We've worked really hard to put this together. This website is mix of business and blogging platform. Here we will put all our posts, what we've worked on, some tutorials when we manage to take time to write something useful for users of OctoberCMS.

We have used RainLab.Blog plugin to create awesome blogging platform but we added something into the mix to make it better and more robust. Now you can see we are heavily using categories and tags for better organization and even search options plus on the side note we added simple but nice way to share our posts with your friends on facebook, twitter or just simply copy the url to forward it.
Some of those features are part of our new top secret plugin we are preparing for everyone on OctoberCMS platform. We are not done yet, keep in mind we will add few more things on our web which will be part of our brand new tools we are preparing so feel free to check us from time to time, or follow us on twitter for regular updates.

Thank you for your time, we think we did really good job.
Let us know what you think.

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